ROSP is organized around the five topics of:

  • Digital Communications (DCOM);
  • Networking (NET);
  • Photonics and Device Physics (PHOT);
  • Transmission Systems (TR);
  • Applications of Photonics (APP).

The courses are:

Refresher courses
DCOM0 Digital Communications (Elective) 2
NET0 Communication Networks (Elective) 2
PHOT0 Physics of Optoelectronic Devices (Elective) 2
Base courses
DCOM1 Digital Information Processing 3
NET1 Optical Networks 4
TR1 Optical Information Propagation and Point-to-Point Transmission Systems 3
PHOT1 Optoelectronic Devices 4
APP Photonic Systems Towards Other Applications 3
Advanced courses
DCOM2 Error-Correcting Codes and Coded Modulations Applied to Optical Communications 2
NET2 Future Trends in Optical Networks 2
TR2 Advanced and Next-Generation Optical Transmission Systems 2
PHOT2a Nanophotonics (Elective) 3
PHOT2b Photonic Integration Functions (Elective) 3