Practical information

Timeline (2019-2020)

  • January–June 2019: applications, selection of candidates
  • September 2019–February 2020: classes
  • March 2020–August 2020: internship
  • September 2020: internship presentations


Most of the classes will take place in Palaiseau, on the plateau de Saclay; and in nearby Orsay. A few lab sessions will also take place in Évry.

These locations are linked by public transport. The RER B train line runs from Paris to Orsay through Massy-Palaiseau, with bus lines linking Massy-Palaiseau to Saclay. Évry is served by RER D from Paris, and by a long-distance bus line from Massy-Palaiseau.


You can apply for student housing through the institution you are affiliated with. For students not already registered with one of the ROSP partners, it will be Télécom SudParis. However, Télécom SudParis only has student housing in Évry, which is not the most convenient location.

Good options for the location are:

  • Saclay/Orsay: our main campus, may be offered to you by default if you are affiliated with any partner other than Télécom SudParis.
  • Massy-Palaiseau: transportation hub south of Paris, with easy access to RER B towards Paris and bus lines run to plateau de Saclay and Évry.
  • Cité Universitaire: on the southern border of Paris, next to the RER B train line which serves Saclay through Massy-Palaiseau.

You may look for student housing through: