Optical Networks and Photonic Systems
Réseaux Optiques et Systèmes Photoniques (ROSP)
[Résumé français / French summary]

What is ROSP?

ROSP is a Master course on Optical Networking. It covers topics from Semiconductor Device Physics, through Optical Transmission to Networking, Information Theory and Digital Signal Processing.

ROSP is an “M2”, one of the final-year tracks of the Master of Electrical Engineering of Institut Polytechnique de Paris and Université Paris-Saclay; and also of the SmartNet Erasmus Mundus Joint Master degrees. It comprises a first semester of formal training and a second semester of internship in a company or public institution.

Why so many topics?

Future networks will require researchers and engineers possessing a global vision, and trained in all aspects of Optical Communications and Networking. See the Presentation page to better understand why.

Who we are

ROSP is organized by leading French graduate schools and universities:

under the dual aegis of:

See more about us here.

When and how can I apply?

See the Practical information and Apply information pages for timeframes, requirements, scholarships.


Optical Networks, Optical Communications, Information Theory, Digital Signal Processing, Device Physics

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