Applications for the 2020 intake will be accepted from December 2019 to June 2020, or in exceptional cases September 2020. The admissions jury will convene approximately every month and a half so that applications can be replied to in a timely manner.

You may apply through one of two application forms:

Applications on both portals will be examined jointly. However, it is unknown at this time whether you may choose the actual institution where you will be enrolled.


We require applicants to have a strong background (at the level of 1st year of M.Sc.) in at least one, preferably two of the relevant topics: Information Theory & Digital Communications; Semiconductor Device Physics; or Networking. Also, we require a basic level in Math (Differential Equations, Fourier/Spectral Analysis, Statistics…) and Physics (Maxwell’s Equations, Optics and Wave Propagation…)


A limited number of scholarships is offered by LabEx Digicosme, Campus France and other sources, mostly but not exclusively for international students arriving in France for the first time. This Master is not eligible for Université Paris-Saclay scholarships at this time. Students intending to pursue Ph. D. studies are favored.

To apply for a scholarship, you must first apply to the Master itself. If your application is accepted, you can then ask the Master coordinators to apply to a scholarship on your behalf, by email to: rosp-coord[AT] . Therefore, make sure to apply well in advance to catch an early session of the jury.

  • Campus France’s Eiffel scholarships: apply before December 10.
  • Digicosme scholarship (1st wave, international students only): apply before February 25.
  • Digicosme scholarship (2nd wave): apply by mid-April.