Applications will be accepted from January to June 2018, or in exceptional cases September 2018. The admissions jury will convene approximately every month and a half so that applications can be replied to in a timely manner.

The application form will soon be available online at Université Paris-Saclay: Fill in the form using the following values:

  • Diploma selected: Master
  • Program “Mention”: Electrical Engineering (in the French version: Electronique, Energie Electrique, Automatique)
  • Diploma level: M2
  • Program: Optical Networks and Photonic Systems


We require applicants to have a strong background (at the level of 1st year of M.Sc.) in at least one, preferably two of the relevant topics: Information Theory & Digital Communications; Semiconductor Device Physics; or Networking. Also, we require a basic level in Math (Differential Equations, Fourier/Spectral Analysis, Statistics…) and Physics (Maxwell’s Equations, Optics and Wave Propagation…)


A limited number of scholarships is offered by Université Paris-Saclay and other sources, mostly but not exclusively for foreign students arriving in France for the first time. The application form includes a box to be checked if you want to apply for a scholarship along with the Master itself.

Deadlines for scholarship application (several “waves”) are usually around March, May and possibly June. Make sure to apply well in advance.